Sofia S. Salazar

Volunteer at Hand to Hold

March 14, 2016, Sofia S. reported directly to Nicole

“Nicole is one of the best supervisors I’ve ever had. She fosters a work environment that allows for professional growth, creative problem-solving, and personal agency. She trusts her team members’ decision-making skills while offering guidance when needed. She is not just a manager; she’s a leader.”

Kalinda Smith

WERC Career Counselor at Workforce Solutions Capital Area | OES | LPC-Intern

March 23, 2016, Kalinda reported directly to Nicole

Nicole treats team members as capable and responsible adults. She creates an environment where the team is comfortable asking questions when they come up, and otherwise letting each of us work in our own way. She’s awesome to work for because I trust her to have my back, to explain decisions she makes, congratulate me when I’m doing a good job, and work collaboratively with me to find solutions to any problems that arise.

I really appreciated that she looked at the why behind the performance numbers. For instance, my training completion number was low at one point, but I had a lot of people in training that would complete the next quarter and she made a note of that on the performance evaluation and didn’t dock any points. This showed me that she was really looking at the whole process and had the long term goals in mind.

This managing style created an excellent team that worked efficiently (doing the work of 6 with 4) and harmoniously (collaborating on events such as The Gentleman’s Clothing Closet). The welcoming team environment helped me when I first came on board to not be scared of asking questions but also let me figure things out for myself (which is the best way I learn). Nicole gave me just the right amount of guidance and feedback and kept the team operating like a well-oiled machine. I would be delighted to work for her again.

Gabriel Galindo

Legal Assistant at Texas Attorney General, Criminal Prosecutions Division

April 1, 2016, Gabriel reported directly to Nicole

I had the pleasure of working with Nicole at my last position with C2 GPS. As a supervisor, she had the perfect balance of leading while simultaneously allowing those on the team to make decisions on their own. I was able work independently without feeling like I was on my own with no support. I could always turn to Nicole for guidance when I had questions without feeling that I was asking dumb questions. The team was a cohesive unit which I directly attribute to Nicole as she created an environment in which everyone’s opinion was valued and respected.

Ricardo Avila Sr.

Special Education Specialized Support – Behavior/SLC @ Hays High School CISD

October 4, 2011, Ricardo reported directly to Nicole

Nicole was my supervisor as a program specialist working in partnership with Arbor-workforce development and the City of Austin neighborhood centers at the Roswood-Zaragosa Neighborhood Community Center. Under the direction and leadership of Nicole, our community centers acheived high performance outcomes in the area of job placement and workforce development training. I would recommend Nicole for any oversight or leadership postion and as a supervisor.

Clark Shaffer

Coordinator & Adjunct Professor / Center for Experiential Learning – Austin Community College

August 21, 2012, Clark worked with Nicole in different groups

I’ve worked with Nicole for the past two years through our mutual agency, Workfoces Solutions-Capital Area. Nicole is passionate and dedicated to the both program she represents as well as the people she is tasked with serving. I’ve worked with many people over the years and can truly say that I’ve encountered very few people with her energy level and capability to handle so many things so well within the “time crunched” environment that she sometimes finds herself in. She always manages a smile on her face, and encouraging words to those around her. I always look forward to working with Nicole. She would make a valuable and productive member to any team!

Rick Hidalgo

Program Coordinator at Austin Community College

September 14, 2012, Rick worked with Nicole but at different companies

I have worked with Nicole for years and have found her work to be excellent.
Most notably her attention to detail combined with her ability to communicate with individuals on many levels. I look forward to working with Nicole Horowitz for many years to come.
Rick Hidalgo