Photo Gallery

A moment when my art GOT me and wouldn’t let me go.


Concerned Hearts and Minds

More Frida Khalo inspired art


I was just playing around with scarves and camera settings.

crash-landed alien lady, graphic art,

Oh wow am I glad to see YOU all!!! Haven’t really had any company that I can recall since I crash landed out here…oh…several months ago by my best estimate. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the lack of visitors…you know, the place is always such a wreck.

A friend sent me the pencil drawing below and asked what could be done. This is what I did. Possibilities are still open and endless as always.


Headless Desert Warrior Princesses

Headless Desert Warrior Princesses


Photo by local photographer taken at Spiderhouse Cafe, Austin, TX.

2017 Update to Fantasy Art PieceĀ 
Retro art, photography, layers,, photo editing

A piece of art gifted to my father by a girlfriend back in the 80’s. Moon and Sunset photos taken in Pflugerville, TX and at Enchanted Rock, respectively.

Fantasy artwork combined with the sun and moon photos above for a modernized update:

Photos from my most recent space journey ;):

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Bring for the Serpent: A video photo


Photo surgery practice: Switching out body parts

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

hot babe warrior chic space travel

spiritual communication, medium, transition to the spirit realm

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Work product from my recent discovery of faster, easier, cleaner ways to cut figures from photos.

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